Joey was born in Chicago and raised among the cornfields of Indiana. She traveled the world at 18 years old after spending two summers cutting lawns and saving $2000. Attended Wesleyan University and spent her summers in California and Nantucket. After graduation, she moved to New York City, taught pre-school on the Upper East Side and worked at WOW Café Theater in the East Village. When her Mom died, she moved to California and started working full-time in theater at the age of 29 years old. When she was 33, George Green invited her to move back to NYC to launch The Moth. Joey did in 1997 and co-created The Moth until 9/11 hit. One of the consequences of that event was her departure from The Moth in Dec 2011. She met her (now ex) husband on a plane, moved back to California, raised her amazing son, Magnus, and worked part-time at Actual Films. She left there to teach at Berkeley City College in 2007 and currently has that gig part-time. One of her students guided her to Youth UpRising, an East Oakland Youth Center, where she met Clarence Thomas (CT) in 2009. After two years at YU, she began her first corporate gig at an executive search firm, Russell Reynolds Associates. She worked for Carol Emmott who eventually hired Joey to produce a documentary on Carol's life when she knew her cancer had limited her time. Meanwhile, Joey wrote and performed stories; and produced a storytelling event at Telluride Film Festival. A screening of Carol’s doc lead friends creatinga Fellowship for Women Leaders in Healthcare in honor of Carol. Joey was the Consultant who launched and developed that Fellowship for it’s first 8 months. Joey went to Cuba in March of 2016 to explore the theme: What Is Love In Cuba? in pursuit of a multimedia project. Meanwhile, in December of 2015, CT (from YU) called to bring her onboard as his manager. She is the founder of Queen JAX Music, a management company for Urban Music Artists. She is currently working on three writing projects.